Complicated Hair #1 The mundane day to day of working in an art supply store can be more exciting than you would think. Well…not really. But it’s all true believe it or not. I lived it so you don’t have to. 18 pages B&W with color cover. $3
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Complicated Hair #2 The triumphant second issue featuring more exploits of my hipster co-workers at a great metropolitan art supply store. 22 pages in glorious black and white with a couple of bonus short stories, “Bud Men” and “The Last Meow”. $4
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Ninja Bunny Assassin : Volume one The baddest of all the badass bunnies, NBA is a bunny of few words who lets his actions speak for themselves. Nobody knows where he came from. He lives the life of a ninja practicing espionage, sabotage and assassination, while still finding time to champion a cause that he deems deserving. 44 pages B&W with spot colors. $6

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Ninja Bunny Assassin #2 This issue The Bunny and Aioki finally clash with The Claw. Shorty has to bail his weird cousin out of jail. 24 pages B&W with spot color. $5

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Awesome 5! #1 Superheroes done Alternative City style! Buzz Saw Boy, Bee Boy, Laser Girl, The Flamester and Marine Lad. If those sound like the names a fifth grader would make up then you are correct. I created these guys when I was a kid. Only difference is now my sense of humor is a lot more cynical and raunchy. 20 pages Full Color $5
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Life in the Big City: The Election Issue - One day on his way home from work Quentin Jones decided that he was so fed up with the city’s transit system that he decided to run for city councilman. With his buddy Marcus as campaign manager, they quickly discover how things work in the big city. Also included are several stand alone strips that appeared in the same newspaper as this series. 28 pages B&W $4.

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Alternative City #0 - A woman is murdered at a sleazy hotel and detectives are baffled as to what happened. She apparently exploded without the use of explosives. The prime suspect is a strange nightclub owner with a shady aura. 14 pages B&W $3

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